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Stumbled on this when searching for new party outfits. Then a banner caught by eyes! 

Can you believe it?? I don't! but no harm checking it out. There must be a catch somewhere. My lunch already cost $5! I started browsing the site looking for the $3.99 item. The cheapest I found was $9.99 but, hey, that's what you pay for a coffee and cheesecake at some cafe anyway. Then I browse through the clothing. I swore I saw a similar piece in one of the glitzy store in town!

The difference you ask? This one cost $13.99 on eFoxCity but $69 at the store! It may very well be a different dress but it looks just as similar.

Then I went through the men's section. I was quite impressed. A huge selection and some looks like the stuff you see at the malls.  

This shirt would probably cost you at least $30.00 at the mall, and yes, you will not be paying $30.00, or you will not be paying $20.00 either. This shirt cost $13.99 and it comes in XXL. Perfect for the big man!

This jacket cost less then $20.00 but a jacket with little pony on it will cost at least $200!

I did a trial 'checkout' thinking that maybe, just maybe, I have to break the piggy bank for shipping, but no, shipping charges does not cost a lot. Then begins the search for the finer prints and aahh!! ! found it! eFoxCity is an Asian company, manufacturing in Asia! Now I get it!

They are manufacturers and they supply to retailers and boutiques around the world. For all I know, the piece I bought last week at the mall which cost $79.00 may very well be manufactured by them!

Some of you may think, nah, it's not for me. Its made in China! Hold your horses! What's not made in China nowadays? My clever phone, the brainchild of Steve is also Asian made!

If you only wear couture from the streets of Milan, then this is not for you.

If you are the 'I am not wearing the same thing twice in a month!!!', then happy shopping!!

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