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A Thing or Two on Home Automation!

Home automation is a term used to control appliances, lights, curtains, aircon, etc. with the use of a computer and information technology. The system runs through controllers on a network with varying complexity. Home automation is usually adopted because of ease of use and efficiency. Frankly, it is also to satisfy the couch potato mentality! (read: me!)

In a typical apartment living, the most common components adopted in a home automation system are the lights, water heater, curtains or blinds and air- conditioning.

Think of the banks of switches on your wall!! Then imagine replacing them with one of these!

Yes! Each of the buttons of the above intelligent switches represents a switch on your wall. These intelligent switches are programmable so that you can assign more than 1 component on a single action.

For example, you can assign the top most button as 'Home'. You program 'Home' to turn on the living room lights and aircon, turn on the bedroom lights and water heater, draw open all the blinds and curtains and so on.

Then in your bedroom, assign a button on the intelligent switch as 'Good Night'. When you press this, you'll know what comes next. It's entirely up to you! The possibilities are endless and beyond.

With most of these home automation systems fully integrated with smartphones and tablets, it is the perfect solution for a home! It is the lifestyle, the simple pleasures, that you can imagine.

If you wish, you can even program your curtains and blinds to close every night at 10 pm and have it drawn open at 7 am! With natural light shining through your bedroom windows, you no longer need an alarm clock, unless of course you have to get up at 5 am to catch the early tee off time!

Below are some of the system integrators you may approach.

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