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Multi Room Music System

A multi room or some call it zone music system is no longer something fancy for those with deep pockets. You no longer have to fork out a few months salary to enjoy music literally throughout the home.

Yes, you can tell me buying 4 sets of stereo system will do the trick. Doing that means you'll have to pass around the CDs or copy music files on a thumb drive, assuming that the stereo player has a USB input.

A multi room music system typically runs on a local network. If you have a LAN installed at home, you're almost set for it. Otherwise, WIFI signal will do albeit the occasional buffering when signal is low. The music source is usually stored in a NAS or computer.

The best part with say, a 4- zone environment:

1. The 4 zones will be sharing the stored content. (no passing around of CDs)

2. You can play 4 different types of music on each zone or synchronise all as

a single zone.

3. Most multi room players are connected to the internet and thus offer Web Radio. (thousands of radio stations at your disposal!)

4. Most of these systems can be controlled using smartphones and/or tablets.

Now, there are several ways of implementing a multi room music system. The easiest, is of course, contact a specialist. You'll have brands like SONOS, Bluesound, Control4 etc. to explore. If you're a DIYer (or I'd rather spend more on golf clubs kinda guy), the other solution is Logitech Squeezebox (let's call this SB). I've been using this for 8 years and have expanded from a 3-zone environment to a 7-zoner! Although Logitech no longer manufacture them, you can still get them online.

This the SB application on my android phone. Well, the 'Cigar Corner!' is my mancave!

If you're going the SB direction, let me show you what it takes. I'll just assume that you're working on WIFI at home with a 3-zone environment.

If you already own a home entertainment system placed in the Living room, you'll need a SB Duet.

Connect the RCA cables from the receiver to AUX input of your home entertainment system.

For the bedrooms, you're quite unlikely to have a home entertainment system. Your options will be a SB Boom or the SB Radio

The Boombox!

SB Radio

Next you'll have to decide if you're getting a NAS or just using the PC at home. If you're using the PC, just download the SB software and follow the instructions. The PC and all the SB devices must be in the same local network. Once completed, run the application.

Finally, turn on the devices and follow the instructions on the screen. If the SB devices are on the same network it will connect to the PC automatically, then you're all set!!

Next, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Now, get me that Squeezebox!

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