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Why is there no air from my Aircon?

When you don't feel air flowing out of the outlet, don't panic. Check your remote controller. Turn the aircon on/off with the remote and set the fan speed to high. If the air flow is still weak but cool, it may be caused by a number of factors.

1. The filter of the indoor aircon unit is dirty.

2. The fan motor of the indoor aircon unit is faulty.

The most common problem is that the filter of the indoor aircon unit is clogged. Generally, people do not service their air conditioners regularly. We'll just come up with excuses like, I hardly use the aircon (yeah right!), I can't wait for the servicemen all day, or I just had it serviced recently (check your receipts, it's a year old!).

If you realise the problem just before bedtime, you may be in for a warm night. However, try this if you're a little adventurous.

1. Turn off the aircon.

2. Flip open the front cover of the aircon and you'll immediately see the filters.

3. If the filters are visibly dirty trapped with a think layer of dust, remove them and have it washed.

4. Find an old brush and cloths to wipe the fins. Be carefully when brushing the fins as they are very sharp.

5. Once done, fix up the filters and turn on the aircon. If the air flow improves, hopefully you'll sleep better. Don't forget to call for service in the morning!

Now, if the filters are clean when you flip open the cover, or you've installed those fancy concealed aircon unit (read: those hotel room type) then CLICK HERE.

Air conditioning equipment requires regular servicing. If you turn on the bedroom aircon every night to sleep, you'll need to have it serviced every 2 months. Use that timeline to gauge your frequency.  

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