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Why is my Aircon not cold?

When you feel warm air flowing out of the air outlet, it may be caused by a number of factors.

1. The aircon remote may be set on 'Fan' mode.

2 . the indoor unit's PCB may be faulty and is not communicating with the outdoor unit, or

3. the starting capacitor does not kick start the compressor, or

4. the compressor may have run out of gas (possible gas leak), or

5. the compressor is faulty, or

6. the outdoor fan motor is faulty, or

7. the outdoor condenser is choked.

Except for fault no.1, your best option is to call for a serviceman.

Water is Leaking from my Aircon!

When you see water dripping from the aircon unit, turn it off immediately. There are a few common factors.

1. The drainage pipe is choked and clogged with jelly, or

2. ice forming on the fan coil fins.

If this happens in the middle of the night, you may temporarily resolve this. You will need a vacuum cleaner that is able to suck water though. It will get a little messy.

1. Locate the drainage outlet in the Floor Trap in the toilet nearest to the aircon.

2. The aircon drainage pipe is normally the smallest pipe connected inside the Floor Trap.

3 Once you've identified the aircon drainage pipe, use the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt from the pipe.

This is what a typical

Floor Trap looks like.

Do note that this is a temporary measure. If you're not able to locate the drainage outlet, I guess a hotel room is not a bad idea if you need aircon to sleep!

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